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Thanks Jeff!!!

What fun pictures!!!

Today I was working with my friend Jeff Thrower  and after our professional photo shoot today with Wrangler he said “Hey, I like what your wearing let’s shoot some fun photos of your outfit. I was so excited!

Thanks Jeff for taking the time to shoot a couple extra photos of me and for sending them to me.  I love them!

If you’d like to see more of Jeff’s work or if your interested in scheduling a photo shoot please visit

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!


2 thoughts on “Thanks Jeff!!!

  1. How sweet of you Brandy. You’re so beautiful and fun to work with. It’s always a pleasure working with you.


    1. Thank You Jeff for being so kind and always going the extra mile for me. You are an amazing photographer and I feel so blessed to call you, Suzie, Pam and Danielle my friends. Take Care and I hope to see you again soon!!! Cheers 😉

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